Linda M.

Lives in Greene County

She is age 57. Linda served as volunteer as Vice Chair for HUD for several years; she loves serving her community! Linda is legally blind and suffers from arthritis which causes her to fall. Linda and her family are thankful for the SafeLink service provided by Safe At Home.

Susan A. - Currently SPonsored

Lives in Douglas County

She worked as a Nurse for many years helping others until she was hurt in a car accident and since has kidney failure and is at fall risk with medications. Susan owns her home in the country and there is no one for miles; she needs this service to help her live in her home and to get help when she needs it. The service has helped Susan several times already; she is very thankful for the emergency service we provide. 

Deborah P.

Lives in Stone County

She has chronic arthritis in her back and feet and is at serious risk of falling. She lives independently and wants to remain that way; she needs our PERS to maintain her dignity and independence. She enjoys living by herself and spending time outdoors.

Sponsor our Seniors in Need for only $390 a year or $30 per month (Special rate for sponsors).

Individuals and companies have taken in upon themselves to sponsor our seniors that need a SafeLink but can not afford it. Here are some seniors that still need help. If you would like to sponsor on of them just go to BILL PAY and put their name in the client line. You can stay anonymous to them or send them a letter through us.